Tropical Cyclone Weekly Summary #173 (November 20 -27, 1994) 
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 Tropical Cyclone Weekly Summary #173 (November 20 -27, 1994)
This report is compiled from warnings issued by:
   National Hurricane Center               Central Pacific Hurricane Center
   Naval Western Oceanography Center       Fiji Meteorological Service
   Meteorological Service of New Zealand   Joint Typhoon Warning Center
   Japanese Meteorological Agency          Bureau of Meteorology, Australia
   Philippine Meteorological Service       Royal Observatory of Hong Kong
   Indian Meteorological Department        Reunion Meteorological Service
   Mauritius Meteorological Service
   (others may be added as they become available)

   Special Announcement: Text copies of past weekly summaries can now be
retrieved via ftp from They can be found in the directory


North Atlantic Basin:

   Tropical Depression Gordon: At the start of the summary period, ex-
hurricane Gordon was east of Cape Canaveral, Florida, moving west with 25 kt
winds. Gordon continued west and made landfall in the Cape Canaveral area
early on 21 November. It tuned north overland and dissipated later that same
day over southeast Georgia.

   There are no significant meteorological reports from this part of Gordon's
life. There are also no addition reports of damage or casualties. Latest
reports contain conflicting information on the number of deaths in Haiti, with
figures ranging between 800-2000. The exact death toll there may never be
known. So far, damage estimates in the United States range from 150-200 mil-
lion dollars. There are no damage estimates from the other countries Gordon
affected at this time.

Eastern North Pacific Basin (E of 140 Deg. W): No tropical cyclones.

Central North Pacific Basin (180 Deg. W to 140 Deg. W): No tropical cyclones.

Western North Pacific Basin (W of 180 Deg. W): No tropical cyclones.

North Indian Ocean Basin: No tropical cyclones.

South Indian Ocean Basin (W of 135 Deg. E):

   Tropical Cyclone Albertine (TC-02S): Tropical Cyclone 02S formed near 7S
76E on 24 November. Initially moving south, the system turned southwest the
next day. Albertine then moved south-southwest through the rest of the summary
period. The storm reached hurricane intensity on 26 November, and at the end
of the summary period it was packing 115 kt winds.

   Albertine affected Diego Garcia Island during its development. The island
reported a gust to 34 kt at 2300 UTC 25 November and a minimum pressure of
1001.4 mb at 0100 UTC 26 November. There are no reports of damage or casualties
at this time.

South Pacific Ocean Basin (E of 135 Deg. E): No tropical cyclones.

Disclaimer: While an effort has been made to insure that this information is
as accurate as possible, it was drawn from operational warnings that may not
always agree with the best track information published after the storm is
over. Please address any questions or comments on the information this week
to Jack Beven at Internet addresses:

Past text copies of the Tropical Cyclone Weekly Summary can be obtained via e-
mail or by ftp (see announcement above). Please send an e-mail message to Jack
Beven if you are interested.

   A digitized version of the weekly summary with DMSP polar orbiting imagery
is available over the World Wide Web. This is courtesy of Greg Deuel at the
DMSP satellite archive. It can be found at: http://www.***.com/
the Weekly Updated Items section of the DMSP Satellite Archive home page.

   For more information on the imagery and how to retrieve the digitized
summary and images by other methods, please contact Greg Deuel at Internet

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