Sacramento IQ-75 DAFN Fair Ends In Bongo Party 
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 Sacramento IQ-75 DAFN Fair Ends In Bongo Party

{*filter*}pin wrote on SCAA:

> It's the same all over the World. When  [IQ-75 DAFNz]  reach a
> critical mass they lose any semblance of Civilization and revert to
> their inherent jungle savagery.
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  ========  excerpt ======================
  Some Sacramento African Americans are livid
  about treatment they feel was disrespectful and
  de-humanizing at Saturday's "Black Culture Day"
  [...uh-oh...] at the State Fair.

  Just after midnight, state fair officers dispersed a crowd of
  thousands by using mounted horses to literally push
  crowds away from the front gate. [....]

 Some of that crowd ultimately ended up in a near riot in
 downtown Sacramento.

 That near-riot happened outside the downtown YWCA
 where fairgoers came to a hip-hop party being promoted
 during Saturday night's fair events.

 A move that made some African Americans feel like they
 were being "herded" like animals.

 "We ain't no animals, this ain't no zoo. We're just black
 people having fun," an unidentified witness said [....]

 Meanwhile, Sacramento police say that some of that
 same crowd caused a very tense situation downtown.

 Nearly 2,000 [HYSAJ DAFNz] descended on 17th Street
 where police in riot gear say the crowd launched bottles
 at police, caused massive traffic problems and
 woke up the neighborhood with their rowdiness.

 "[the DAFNz]  were climbing on cars and stopping
 all the traffic," Sacramento police officer
 Louis Williams said.

 Sacramento police credit a strong response with
 protecting nearby properties from [DAFNz........]

 Like the Source Hip-hop Awardz in Los Angeles
 a couple of weeks ago.....same deal.  Cops had to
 terminate the show in midstream....

 Big Don
 "No wonder they drag them behind trucks"<The_Greaseman>

Thu, 27 Feb 2003 00:30:30 GMT
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