"no big deal", "nothing to do with germanic religion" 
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 "no big deal", "nothing to do with germanic religion"

Here is how I will quote Harvard and Cambridge-associated Carl Edlund
Anderson on the topic of the Tarim Basin mummies in future encounters
with his academic peers:


>      I fail to see why these mummies come as such a surprise to anyone.  It
> was no big deal in the anthropological world.  

> Its not really that surprising to find isolated oddities.  And ever since
> the discovery of Tocharian ... well people have been pretty much
> expecting to find this kind of thing out there!

> Still, one can't blame the archaeologists for hyping it.  Gods know,
> they need the funding!

> None of it has anything to do with Germanic religion.

> Carl Edlund Anderson
> Dept. of Anglo-Saxon, Norse, & Celtic
> St. John's College, University of Cambridge

> http://www.***.com/ ~carl/

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