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 e", Genes, "Taboo" and "Non-Genetics" Thread
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cglur wrote in a message to All:

> What makes them succeed at soccer? What made the West Indies succeed
> at cricket (which requires both bowling and batting, two motorically very
> different activities)? Or baseball, which has both batting and fielding?
> What about American Football, which has very different skills for it's
> varying positions/strategies?

> It seems to me that there are _a lot_ of black athletes/sportsmen, with a
> lot of very different body types, excelling at very many kinds of sports.

> Which is where I think a simplistic genetic argument falls down.

 c> True, there is a spectrum of competences, for different sports, but
 c> perhaps one attribe is very important - say hand eye coordination ?
 c> I've seen pikininis who couldn't yet say their name, skillfully
 c> throw stones to get mangoes.  BTW do you think the Palestinians are
 c> evolving as great pitchers ?

Very scientific observation that - how's the tap dancing going?

Keep well

Steve Hayes
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Fri, 25 Jul 2003 01:43:30 GMT
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