DAFNgeneticz Update (was: A-Phi-A Party DAFNztabbing) 
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 DAFNgeneticz Update (was: A-Phi-A Party DAFNztabbing)


> We (including Von Bailey) all know the APhiA stabbing is typical negro
> behavior.

> This kind of thing, which I must admit is fairly hilarious, happens at a
> majority of black gatherings.  Negroids can't control their animal behavior
> when they congregate in packs - they're like jungle beasts.

They caught the A-Phi-A DAFNperp:
********************* exZZZZZZZZZZerpt *******************************
Suspect in slaying surrenders to police
SEATTLE A 19-year-old man ...turned himself in yesterday morning...
Prosecutors last week charged Preston Traxler Jr. with second-degree
{*filter*}, saying he fatally stabbed Maurice Smoots on April 11 at a Sand
Point convenience store. Police said Traxler had been on the run
since the incident.                          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

The reason DAFNz are such good sprinters/marathoners/jumpers is
because for thousandz of yearz, they have been continuously
running from whatever sh#t they just pulled.  Darwinian selection
allowed those DAFNz who were the best runners to escape/survive and
successfully pass on their genez.

The DAFN ability to run was/is a subztitute for IQ shortcomingz.  
White/Asian criminals prefer cunning and smart plans to evade
authorities; lacking those abilities, DAFNz just *run*...

Mon, 09 Oct 2006 20:06:48 GMT
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