New hypothesis about the Neolithic revolution 
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 New hypothesis about the Neolithic revolution
This hypothesis takes the form of four premises from which two
conclusions are drawn.


PREMISE 1>> Natural selection evolved the human species from 4.5
million BC to the Neolithic revolution.

PREMISE 2>> Natural selection evolved a healthy human species.

PREMISE 3>> Natural selection has been ineffective on the human species
since the Neolithic revolution.

PREMISE 4>> Since the Neolithic revolution the human species has beeen
struggling to limit the self-destructive forces it has been


CONCLUSION 1>> The human species is has been evolved to perform
healthily and at present is not (form points 2 and 4).

CONCLUSION 2>> With the Neolithic revolution the force that was
developing and maintaining the health of the human species, i.e.
natural selection, became ineffective thus resulting in great
instability in the form of the human species (from points 1,2,3 and 4).


Here is an essay which describes the ideas put forth in this hypothesis.

"The Secrets of the Neolithic Revolution"

Looking at the human species we may observe many harmful and unhealthy
things occurring. For example war, crime, {*filter*}, dysfunction, suicide,
mental illness, pollution and many more. Here I show a single period in
our evolution when these began. I explain what occurred at this point
in our evolution that caused this huge impact on our species. I also
describe how our evolution has been developing since this period.

From four and a half million BC to the Neolithic revolution our
evolution was driven by natural selection. The Neolithic revolution
occurring around 8,000 BC with the invention of agriculture and the
domestication of animals. Since the Neolithic revolution we may also
observe evolution continuing to occur. However the manner in which this
evolution is occurring does not correlate to the manner in which
natural selection generates evolution. For example, if a nomadic tribe,
as they existed prior to the Neolithic revolution, suffered from the
pathologies we may observe in society today it would have had a
distinct evolutionary disadvantage to a tribe that was performing
healthily. Thus only tribes performing healthily would survive.
Actually natural selection goes further than this. Only the fitter of
the healthy tribes would survive the pruning which is a part of the
workings of natural selection. So why did natural selection stop being

If we look at the Neolithic revolution we see a population explosion
occurring. This occurred because certain pruning mechanisms, which were
a vital part of the workings of natural selection, were no longer
effective. They stopped being effective because of the rich supply of">food which animal domestication and agriculture created. Thus natural
selection was no longer an effective evolutionary drive. However human
evolution did not stop at this point. The evolution of the human
species continued to occur genetically, physiologically, culturally,
socially, technologically, psychologically etc. So what has been
driving evolution since 8,000 BC? Prior to the Neolithic revolution the
intelligent and organisational ability of the human species had been
evolving and becoming more capable through natural selection. With the
invention of agriculture natural selection was pushed aside. Thus
putting human intelligence and organisational ability into the driving

However the story has a few more twists in it yet. Prior to the
Neolithic revolution there were many harmful things occurring like
disease, starvation and deadly accidents in the hunt for food. All of
these harmful occurrences were the workings of natural selection as it
evolved the genes of the human species. The kind of harmful occurrences
we see after the Neolithic revolution are not the workings of natural
selection. For example because of the invention of agriculture people
began living in villages and were no longer nomadic. However with the
increasing population a degree of poor hygiene occurred in the
villages. This poor hygiene caused diseases to occur. Also farmers
would have had to fight to protect their crops against theft.

So what is causing these new types of harmful occurrences that started
with the Neolithic revolution? First of all it is important to
understand that natural selection generates healthy systems, simply
because unhealthy systems would have an evolutionary disadvantage. When
natural selection became ineffective with the invention of agriculture
the human species did not invent a replacement for it. With the
Neolithic revolution the human should have taken on this new role of
assuring that healthy systems continued to be generated. However, it
didn????a€????a€??t. Because the human species does not generate an
appropriate replacement drive it becomes unstable and self-destructive.
The human species responds to the presence of all this hostility by
creatively trying to limit it. These two drives, i.e. the tendency to
generate lots of harmful forces and the endeavour to limit them, have
been responsible for human evolution since around 8,000 BC.

To summarise, natural selection evolved a healthy human species until
the Neolithic revolution. When the human species invented agriculture
natural selection became ineffective on them. However the human species
did not invent a replacement for natural selection. Since this time the
human species has been evolving through two forces, namely the tendency
to destabilise and the endeavour to limit this instability.

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