I have to agree with jtem that this "Lee" imbecile is a danger to society 
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 I have to agree with jtem that this "Lee" imbecile is a danger to society

> "The discovery of H. floresiensis discredits the multiregional
> theory
> in a substantial way, as this new species
> with several distinctive features that
> could not have evolved into
> modern H. sapiens."

I recall Jtem asking you about 80 times to identify even a single
multi regional proponent who is contradicted by Homo
Floresiensis. You are well past the point where someone who
was educated and mentally stable would have produced an
example of withdrawn the claim, apologizing for your stupidity.

> HINT: who evolved in Africa?
> Lucy
> Hobbit
> Heidelbergensis
> Mungo Man
> Denisovans
> Ancestors of Neandertals

> Who evolved in situ, directly out of local Archaics?
> That's right, no one.

> BTW, if multiregional were right, Denisovians would never have
> existed in the first place.

Wed, 15 Oct 2014 10:00:54 GMT
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