"Settlers" (was Re."All BLacks" etc) 
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 "Settlers" (was Re."All BLacks" etc)

This has become far too cumbersome and I have split my response.

In regard to the use of the word "Settler". This is fascinating and is
clearly intended to raise my temper. I have previously stated that it will
not do so. Perhaps it would be useful to be more explicit.

To me "settler" is a description which was and is applied to the people who
built and created countries. People like the Pilgrim Fathers, like the
Pioneers of the old West, like the French who came to Canada and Lousiana,
like the British who went to Canada, Australia (saving the original
involuntary ones) and New Zealand, like the Dutch, German, French, British,
Jewish, Greek and Portuguese who came to South Africa. Like the German,
Irish, Italian, Jewish, Polish etc. immigrants who came to America during
the nine{*filter*}th century and like the Mexican and other Central American
immigrants, Vietnamese, Korean and every othetr nationality who do so right

None of them went and still come with the express purpose of oppressing the
indigenous people they found there. All of them acted within the mores of
their times which were not markedly more or less humanitarian than those of
the people they encountered, despite what recent propaganda would have us

They had particular qualities of strength of purpose, courage, endurance
and the ability to sacrifice the gratification of their own immediate self
satisfaction for the benefit of future generations.

If you wish to apply that description to me then I can only say that I am
grateful but largely undeserving.

Mark Richardson

Fri, 22 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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