Lift with Slats and Flaps 
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 Lift with Slats and Flaps

> When both the leading edge slats and
> the trailing edge flaps are "blown" with boundary layer air from the jet
> engine's compressor, there is mighty lift generated without the wing
> moving
> forward at all.
> I'd really like to know just what
> numbers were involved here, and if this principal is used on any
> commercial
> aircraft.

No commercial aircraft use that technique.  It's very effetive, but it
requires extra weight to for the extra hardware and it takes away engine
bleed air right when you need max power.  If you can throw efficiency out
the window (like a military cargolifter) that might be OK, but on a
commercial jet I don't think the design could buy its way onto the aircraft.

Boeing did try playing around with sucking the boundary layer in through
holes on the wing to keep the airflow attached...also very effective, but
one again the overall tradeoff wasn't worth it.


Wed, 15 Oct 2008 00:13:10 GMT
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