English Aviators, THANK YOU 
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 English Aviators, THANK YOU

Hi everybody in England,

me and my little yellow PA 18, D-EFTB, are finally back to Germany after
a most  enjoyable trip through England.

I want to thank everybody who I have met for helping to make my trip
always to be remembered. I was treated very friendly at all airfields
where I dropped into, and I had a great time.

Of all the people, who have helped me, I want to name some.

First of all there is Alex France, who I never had the chance to meet
personally, but who supplied me with helpful informations for the
preparation  of my trip.

Thank you Samantha and Anthony from the Squadron at North Weald, Graham
Clark at  Marshfield, I bet only few of you know where that is, John
Scott at  Cambridge, who let  me fly the former D-EHGG which is now
G-BXCG after an excellent job of rebuildig, Patrick Bryan at
Peterborough-Sibson, Gordon Janney and his friends at Canterbury, Rudy
at Fowlmere, Bernard and Sylvia at Barnards FM, and many many others
whose names I am  sorry that I did not write down.

Happy landings to all of you

Jrgen D-EFTB
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Wed, 08 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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